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Let Go // Camryn Levert

The Way // Camryn Levert

We Go On//Camryn Levert

Time//Camryn Levert


Begging // Camryn Levert

Stronger//Camryn Levert

Moments//Camryn Levert


The world welcomed the very talented and unique Camryn Levert on May 10th, 1998 in Cleveland, Ohio. Ms. Camryn began her career at the age of 5 at a talent show on vacation in the Dominican Republic. It was at that point that little Ms. Camryn made it very clear to her family that she intended to be a singer. Camryn was born to sing and since that first performance, Camryn has performed the Star Spangled Banner at a Cleveland Cavaliers basketball game, as well as an Ohio University Bobcats basketball game, and two Cleveland Indians baseball games. Her passion for music continued after the move to Las Vegas Nevada in 2007, to be closer to her grandfather Eddie Levert, who advises her on many aspects of her musical career. She currently travels to California and New York to record music for her highly anticipated album release.



Camryn has performed in over a dozen locally produced artist showcases and non profit community events, all over the Las Vegas area, Ohio area, and California area, in addition to many locations on the East and West Coast. She has opened for big names such as her own grandfather Eddie Levert lead singer of The O’Jays, the OMG Girlz, Tank, and many more. Her most recent performance at the 8035 music festival in Iowa performing just before Ke$ha was another solid performance to add to her resume.



It seems only natural that Camryn's love of singing has been something passed down from her family's musical heritage. Camryn continues to keep her father, Grammy award winner Gerald Levert’s, legacy alive through her own style of music and writing. Currently she released her much anticipated EP, “Moments.” She is receiving several positive reviews from many people around the world with her new project.



Camryn's family keeps her head on straight. They make sure that she stays grounded despite her whirlwind lifestyle. Everything is still brand new and exciting. Camryn has been warned, however, that the second she takes any of this for granted, it'll be all over.



Watch out for this newcomer she is on the brink of something big.


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